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Ongoing Php training

Not all website development training is general and it is possible to address very specific points depending on the program of each. Thus, there are training courses lasting a few days to learn how to develop on a CMS such as Wordpress or Prestashop, but also courses dedicated to learning a specific language such as PHP.

Several training centers offer distance learning courses, which can be an interesting alternative for people who prefer to work at home and at their own pace without having to undergo the potential constraints associated with face-to-face training: moving, travel, meal expenses. ...

The professional integration of web developers is known to be relatively easy compared to other web or digital professions. However, the competition is real and it is advisable to stand out by working as early as possible on your digital visibility (you can start as soon as you start training as a web developer). So, don't hesitate to create your own website highlighting your CV and portfolio: the opportunity to give recruiters an overview of your skills!

What evolution for a web developer?

The web developer can choose to specialize in one or more programming languages ​​(Java developer) to be an expert in his field. He can also choose to devote himself to a type of development (software developer, mobile developer) or, on the contrary, occupy a position where the diversity of computer languages ​​used and the plurality of projects will help to abolish any impression of routine. After several years of experience, it is not uncommon for a web developer to evolve into a web project manager position. He will then spend less time coding and devote more time to project management and coaching a team of developers in order to deliver projects that are perfectly in line with the client's needs. For people looking for a certain independence, it is of course possible to become a freelance developer and develop your own clientele.

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